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Fine Arts

Art is the expression of God’s beauty in His creation.  Music was created by God as a means of expressing our appreciation and worship toward Him.  In a sense, then, all arts, whether visual or performing, are an act of worship.  The arts, both visual and performing, edify the individuals who participate in that worship because God is the worthy delight of the worshiper, regardless of the medium of praise (Psalm 145.) In addition, a successful artist must practice discipline, or self-control, which is of the fruit of the spirit (Galatians 5:22-23.)

The arts department at Maranatha Academy introduces students to the various rudiments and disciplines of the arts, increasing skill and self-confidence in their abilities in each chosen medium, enhancing their participation in both personal and corporate worship for an entire lifetime.

MCA maintains relationships and associations to improve our competition, education, and the options of our artists and representation of our school and its mission to our community.

MCA is a member of Kansas State High School Activities Association and is a proud participant in all Kansas Music Educators Association sponsored events.

Philippians 4:8

Musical Arts

JH/HS Concert Choir

Boys and Girls Barbershop Quartets

Annual Music Theater Production

Elementary/JH/HS Concert Band

 Jazz Band

Pep Band

Marching Band

Color Guard

Visual Arts





Mixed Medium

Independent Studio

Graphic Design

Fine Arts
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