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Maranatha Christian Academy’s Athletic Program is committed to excellence in academics and athletics. As part of the training and equipping young people for life and service for Jesus Christ through our athletic program, we strive to adhere to the rules of competition and sportsmanship, and the display of godly character.  We strive for these standards whether on or off the field or court.

We believe our athletic programs are based upon a ministry of service to God, teammates, coaches, and all others who see our lives.  As coaches and athletes, we are to be humble and challenged daily by the Holy Spirit and God’s Word.

Our ministry and service arise from a view of athletics as a tool in God’s hands to develop Christ-like attitudes and character.  Athletics is an excellent means to teach Christian character for the athletes as well as student body supporters.

We define winning as spiritual victory that can celebrated as a result of God’s gracious love among us rather than what the scoreboard reads at the end of the contest.

MCA maintains relationships and associations to improve our competition, education, safety of our players, and the representation of our school and its mission to our community.

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Interim Athletic Director

Ms. Abby Spitler
Phone: 913-631-0637

Transferring Athletes

Please review the Kansas State High School Activities Association's Eligibility Requirements!

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