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Welcome from the Head of School

Head of School

Mrs. Janet Fogh
Phone: 913-631-0637

Welcome to Maranatha Christian Academy!

We are very excited to be on our new campus, the fulfilment of many years of hopes, prayers, sacrifice of many and God’s abundant goodness over our school!  It is fantastic to have the entire school, K-12, under one roof and to have world class facilities from academic classrooms, to the fine arts, to our athletic complex and gymnasium.  The blessings of our new, 28-acre campus are a testimony to the faithfulness and kindness of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ!   

The most important resource Maranatha Christian Academy has is our amazing staff.  Our administration, teaching staff, office staff, and support staff are simply the best!  They love and care for our students and families and provide them a superior academic education and mentoring that integrates a Biblical worldview with a dually accredited, college preparatory education program.  The staff are highly trained, well-educated people who have chosen to make serving at Maranatha Christian Academy their ministry.  They take the time to invest in their students, sponsor classes and activities, lead discipleship groups, and go above and beyond to provide a truly outstanding spiritual, educational, fine arts, social, and athletic experience for all our students.

We endeavor to do all things with excellence and strive to do that every day in all areas of our school.  Maranatha Christian Academy was founded in 1974, and in two years we will be celebrating our 50th Anniversary!  Maranatha is truly a family!  We love and care for each other, encourage and pray for each other, and enjoy cheering on our Maranatha Eagles in every athletic competition and at all fine arts events.  This is a special place, an amazing family to be a part of! 

I encourage you to give us a call and schedule a tour.  This is a school family you’ll be proud to be a part of!


Mrs. Janet Fogh

Head of School

Head of School News

Happy Thanksgiving
Janet Fogh

Happy Thanksgiving to you all!   Today, families will gather and for many, including in my home, the turkey is in the oven already.  The Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade is on, tables are being set, and later today there will be family football games and board games enjoyed by those gathered around.   

There are many things we have to be thankful for this Thanksgiving, as a Maranatha Christian Academy family!   

  • We are thankful for a great learning environment where the students are loved, learning great things, and being taught a Biblical worldview from the classrooms, labs, sports field, art room, and music rooms.   
  • Head of School
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Happy Patriot Day
Janet Fogh

Dear Maranatha Christian Academy Family,

Happy Patriot Day!  Twenty-one years ago, today, our world changed, much as my father described when his world changed as they learned of the attacks on Pearl Harbor.  Do you remember where you were and what you did?  I certainly do!

This morning in church, there was a folded American flag on the altar along with a fire chief’s bugle, and a very talented gentleman in our congregation sang Alan Jackson’s song, “Where were you when the World Stopped Turning?”  The visual and musical message were touching and spectacular!

Our students at Maranatha Christian Academy were born after this fateful day and some of our younger staff were themselves school-age then.  Our students do not have a personal appreciation for the events of that day, twenty-one years ago, but it’s imperative that our children know the stories and can gain strength, tenacity, and grit from them.  We celebrate Patriot’s Day not because our nation was attacked by terrorists, but because as a nation, we fought back, we bonded together, we flew American flags, and we worked to preserve who we are as a Christian nation, “the land of the free, and the home of the brave.”  That bravery was evident and celebrated!  

  • Head of School
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Maranatha Christian Academy
Janet Fogh

Happy Veterans Day to you all!  To the Veterans of my era and those younger than me, “Thank you for your Service!”  To the Veterans of the Vietnam War, “Welcome Home!”

Last night, we had our Fall Fine Arts Exhibition at our new campus and despite the rain and cold, we were packed with parents and grandparents who accompanied their children to hear them sing and see their artwork.  It was a great family night at MCA.  As I stood at the door and welcomed people in, I was impressed by how many grandparents and even some great grandparents who were in attendance and as the choir sang with the American flag behind them, it reminded me of how important it is to welcome our Veterans home, especially those who served during the Vietnam War. 

When I was in Kindergarten, my father, who was a career Army officer, received orders to go to Vietnam.  Like both of my grandfathers, who were also career Army officers, who left their families at home while they went to serve in both Theatres during World War II, my father headed to Vietnam.  My mother, 1-year old sister, and I stayed in El Paso, Texas.  We had a map of Vietnam on the wall in our kitchen and as we received letters from my father, we would mark on the map where Dad had been.  We sent him reel to reel tape recordings and my mother and I watched the news each night where the names of those soldiers who had died, scrolled across the screen.  I prayed faithfully for my father every night during that time.  My mother always assured me that my father’s name would not be there because if something had happened to my father, someone would have come and knocked on our door first.  We did see the names of people that we knew occasionally on the screen and my mom would cry which made me cry too. 

  • Head of School
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