Virginia “Gingie” Watt
Elementary & Preschool Principal

Virginia Watt joins Maranatha Christian Academy as the Elementary Principal in August 2013.  While living in Kansas City since 2011, she has been the Lower School Head at St. Paul’s Episcopalian Day School.  Mrs. Watt has over 30 years of experience working in accredited independent schools.  The majority of that service in education was at Barnhart School, a Christian church affiliated school in Arcadia, California. Beginning as a P.E. teacher there, Gingie, as she is also known, taught third grade before becoming Vice-Principal for eleven years. In the following fifteen years as Associate Head, Gingie was involved in all aspects of the school’s operations, including Chapels, character education, safety and security, hiring and supervising staff and curriculum, and overseeing the admission of new students to the school. She also was a member of the school’s finance committee and its strategic plan task force. 

Born in Indiana, Gingie grew up in the Indianapolis area until her family, during the middle of high school for Gingie, moved to California. Raised in the Presbyterian Church, Gingie accepted Christ in her mid-teens and has chosen to live positively following Christian values and tenets.   She attended UC Santa Barbara where she completed her BA, and the first of two teaching credentials.  A Multiple Subjects credential was completed while teaching, preparing her further for the classroom setting.  She was awarded her Master’s in Education Administration and Leadership in 2006.

Gingie and Ken were married in 1978 and they have two children, Benjamin and Sarah.  The children attended the elementary school where she taught, receiving a foundation of faith as well as rigorous academic preparation.   Ben is a 2005 West Point grad who recently finished his service with the Army as a Captain and is currently pursuing his MBA at USC in S. California.    Sarah, a graduate of Tulane University and London School of Economics, is an economist with Wells Fargo Bank at their headquarters in Charlotte, NC.  Ken’s profession is in sales and marketing horticulture.  He is a native of Riverside, California. 

“Several years ago, just after our children had begun their journeys in independence, Ken and I decided to venture from CA ourselves.  Our goal was to live in the Midwest where values are more in tune with our beliefs and the environment is more spacious, with advantages of a large city close by.  I am blessed to have been directed to Maranatha Christian Academy, where the balanced blend of Christian spiritual, moral, artistic, physical and academic education is embedded in each child’s education.  The mission of Maranatha is very much my own personal philosophy of Christian guidance and education, and fostering lifelong learning in service to humanity and God.  “

While Gingie has hobbies, she spends a majority of her free time enjoying nature, studying, planning, and writing.  She loves to read, to conquer new software for its organizational, educational and creative uses, and being outdoors.  Gardening and long walks with the dog keep her fit. Recently, she rediscovered the pleasure of bike riding! Gingie takes on the challenge of getting orchids and African Violets to re-bloom.  She likes to cook for a crowd, and have family and friends over. 

Gingie is looking forward to joining Maranatha Christian Academy’s faculty and staff, the families and the students and administrators.  She very much wants to contribute positively to what makes Maranatha’s education an exceptional preparation for a Christian life.


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