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May 2017
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Beyond the Walls Work day


7th grade with 31 students plus 3 adults will leave right after 8am and return at 1:30pm.
8th grade with 31 students plus 2 adults will leave right after 8am and will return at 1:45pm.

9th – 12th grade will be on campus from 8am – 10:25am going to their 5th 6th and 7th hour classes.
Track team with 31 students will walk to Lackman and Shawnee Mission Parkway.

8 Juniors will be with City of Shawnee

The rest of the juniors will be with the seniors at Freedom Farm.
That makes 18 seniors plus 20 juniors, so 38 to Freedom Farm.

9th Grade will be at House of Hope - 33 students.

10th Grade will be at My Father’s House – 31 students

2017 Junior High Serve Day Assignments:

7th City Union Mission (8:05-1:30)

8th De Soto Youth Ministries (8:05-1:45)

Community Service Hours Due today


Eligibility Check


6:30 pm
High School Band and Choir Awards and Concert

6:30pm awards ceremony in the fellowship hall.
7:30pm concert in the sanctuary.

^SChurchSanctuary; ^SChurchFellowship
7:20 am
Secondary Faculty meeting


10:30 am
Chapel @ 10:30am


ACT: Reg. Deadline for the June 10th ACT Test date


10:00 am
Senior Mother's Tea


6:00 pm
No Date Dance for JH


7:00 pm
Junior High Band and Choir Awards and Concert

Times are approx..

^SChurchFellowship; ^SChurchSanctuary
10:30 am
Senior Chapel at 10:30am


3:00 pm
Yearbook Signing after school

In the band area parking lot.

8th Grade Trip to Springfield, IL


8th Grade Trip to Springfield, IL


Tennis State


8th Grade Trip to Springfield, IL


Tennis State


Mother's Day


Senior Locker Clean out


9:00 am
8th & high school band graduation practice

Times are approx..

Eligibility Check


8:00 am
Senior Finals


12:20 pm
7th - 11th Grade Awards Ceremony

Times are approx..

^SChurchFellowship; ^SChurchSanctuary
8:00 am
Senior finals


Locker Clean out


Track Regionals


1:30 pm
Graduation Practice


7:00 pm
Baccalaureate Service


Lenexa Baptist Church
1:00 pm
Copy: Graduation 2017


Golf State


8:00 am
Secondary Finals - 1:30pm dismissal

1st, 2nd and 7th hour finals. One lunch time for all students.
End time approx..

8:00 am
Secondary Finals - 11:30 dismissal

3rd and 5th hour finals. No lunch provided.
End time is approx.

8:00 am
Last day for Junior High students.


8:00 am
Secondary Finals - last day of school -11:30am dismissal

4th and 6th hour finals. No lunch provided.
End time is approx.

Baseball State


Mandatory Teacher In-Service and End of Year Awards

Thursday, May 25, 2017

8-9:30 Devotion/Worship
Review of the Year (Superintendent Mark Schultze)
Teachers’ End of Year Awards (Schultze, Hanson, Watt)

9:30-9:45 Break

9:45-11:45 Kim Humerickhouse, Ph.D.
MNU Professor, Teacher Education
Current best practice in classroom instruction and discipline

11:45-12:15 Departments/grade levels meet to review current classroom discipline
plans and consequences in light of Humerickhouse presentation (follow up with Dr. Humerickhouse will happen during August in-service when final plans will be created for 2017-2018 school year.)

12:15-1:15 Lunch (HS / ELEM go out to eat)

1:30-3:30 Faculty and Department meetings: “Looking back and Looking forward”
• Wrap up of accomplishments and work that could be done over the summer
• Discuss scope and sequence and Biblical Worldview standards in CT in 2017-18
• Discuss Continuous School Improvement Plan initiatives that were recommended and included in our ACSI Accreditation
o What of the CSIP can be a focal point in the next year….

Baseball State


Soccer & Track State


Soccer & Track State


Memorial Day


8:00 am
Summer School for Enhanced English for I-20 students