Eagle Eatery

Eagle Eatery

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In addition to the menu items on the calendar, there will also be a bag lunch that be purchased in place of a meal that you feel your child wouldn’t enjoy 😉 Just note on the order form that you would like your child to have the bag lunch and we will serve a turkey sandwich or almond butter and jelly sandwich meal instead.

We are also offering customized meals for those with dietary needs. Please note that on your order form as well so we can be prepared ahead of time and prepare the meals accordingly for your child.

Important info: Although we are trained in allergen-friendly preparations and practice superior manufacturing techniques, all meals are prepared in a shared kitchen that also prepared certain allergens. We will make every effort possible to ensure safety, Maranatha and The Freedom Chef cannot be held liable for reactions caused by, or said to be cause by, our alternative meals. Please refer to Info@TheFreedomChef.com for a list of ingredients, questions or concerns about any of our meals. Our intention is to bless the children of Maranatha by making each one feel included during meal times, while offering transparency and options for parents to rest assured that their child is eating a nutritious meal each and every day.

Now let’s EAT!”
(See testimonials below)

Eagle Eatery Menu Calendar

*Menu subject to change.

**Daiya cheese, mozzarella flavor is available upon request. This is vegan cheese, dairy free.

Hot Lunch Testimonials!

Kindergarten – Gabriel Muasya “Lunch here makes me feel good! I like how it tastes!”

1st Grade – Maileigh King “Food is good every time and I always feel full and satisfied after eating.”

2nd Grade – Sabrina Sharpe “I like the food and want to eat it every day! It gets me ready for PE!”

5th Grade – Zack Fuller “I LOVE the Pizza!”

5th Grade – Ezekiel “I love the sweet potato fries, I feel great after lunch and have lots of energy.”

5th Grade – Emily Bogart “Pizza is my fav!”

6th Grade – Elle Bergerhofer “Tastes like homemade, and I love the fried rice.”

6th Grade – Angle Wilson “It’s tastes so fresh!”

6th Grade – Ally Brown “It’s very healthy and delicious at the same time”

6th Grade – Sydney Sneider “Best hot lunch EVER!”

Beth Fuller “I personally love it! Food tastes good and there is plenty of variety. Portions are filling and kids are loving it!”

Alahora Belcher ” When the pre-schoolers see the other kids eating, they try new things that they might not try at home. The program reinforces the introduction of new, healthy foods at home.”

Mrs. Mickleson “Option of having healthy meals is great! The afternoons are more focused for the kids who eat it and for me personally.”

Mrs. Smith “Food tastes great, kids like it, parents like that it’s healthy and I feel so blessed to have lunch provided for me every day.”