Faculty / Staff

At Maranatha Christian Academy, we know that teachers are the lifeblood of the school.  Since this is so foundational to success, we hold our teachers to high standards in morality, expertise and relational abilities whether they serve in our preschool, elementary or secondary schools.  The teachers model a life-long love of learning as all are state-certified, many have advanced degrees, and many have served at Maranatha for 10+ years. 

Our teachers are committed to academic excellence.  They also model a relationship with Christ.  When it comes to teaching, sometimes more is “caught than taught” and students are great imitators.  A teacher they like can have a tremendous impact on their lives—not only in studying but also in their attitudes and spiritual life.  You should have the confidence that your student is taught by dedicated men and women of God.  They practice patience and caring as they provide an atmosphere of love and joy in the classroom. Their goal is to help each child mature academically, spiritually, and socially.  In all subjects and situations, the teachers desire to use a biblical worldview to instruct and guide while modeling the Christian character that is an essential part of our Mission Statement.