Mrs. DeVos – Nominee for Secretary of Education

I read one online newspaper’s attack on Mrs. DeVos’s beliefs about Christian education, creation, and the role of government in schools.  That article makes me a big fan of Mrs. DeVos without reading anything else.  If she incites this much angst and bitterness from those against Christianity, I am a big fan.

But this is not a political post.  I want to use Mrs. DeVos as an example of the Vision of MCA.  No we cannot claim Mrs. DeVos as an alumna of MCA, but she can serve as an example of our position on the role of children in influencing the nation and world with the Gospel.  See our belief is that MCA should be a training ground to form young minds and hearts as disciples of Jesus who are progressing along the path toward full utilization of their skills, abilities and passions.  When you have young people who have matured into adults with the heart and mind of Jesus who leverage all that God has given them, then they can go into areas where the devil has laid claim such as Hollywood, science and education and seek to redeem them through the power of the Holy Spirit.  Then when they are attacked as Mrs. DeVos is being attacked, they are mature believers who can better weather the storms versus the tender shoots of youth.

May God raise up many valiant, noble, loving, courageous Christian world changers who will follow in Mrs. DeVos’s footsteps.

Zuniga – Voice of Democracy

I had the privilege to be at the Shawnee City Council meeting on Monday the 14th and hear Debra Zuniga, 11th grade , daughter of Mike and Carrie Zuniga, read her award winning essay for the VFW’s Voice of Democracy contest.  The theme of the contest this year is “My Responsibility to America.”  The national winner will receive a $30,000 scholarship and a trip to Washington, D.C. and there are other prize amounts along the way.  Debra’s essay won the local VFW’s competition and now she will be entered for the regional competition.

The mayor of Shawnee heard Debra’s speech at the VFW and was so inspired by it, she asked Debra to come to the City Council meeting to read it again.  Debra was able to share her distinctly Christian and very patriotic essay with a jam packed room of Shawnee citizens.  What a great testimony of God’s work in Debra’s life!  God’s family, the Zuniga family and the MCA family were all wonderfully represented that night.

God’s Handiwork at Work

God is the creator of all things, and He is honored when His creations bring honor to Him.  His creations in our art class took their creative talent – since they were made in His image – and went to the City Union Mission to minister to others of His treasured creation.  Here is what the director reported.

“Their Art I class came and gave a devotional entitled, “Don’t Worry, Beautiful” out of Proverbs and the Gospels and then did a craft with them.

Tremendous day!  The high schoolers led the devotional, sat at the table with our ladies and helped them with their crafts. They stayed and ate lunch and even cleaned up after themselves!!

Mark, please pass on to whomever about Ms. Williams’ class.  They were fantastic today.  And we have her scheduled to return in February to do this again!”

Well done!