School is Back in Session!

I had time yesterday to visit some classrooms, enjoy chapel and watch kids in the hallways and lunchroom, and today I stood outside and watched as students arrived.  What a blessing and huge responsibility that the Lord has asked us to participate in with Him.  What a joy it is to link arms with parents, faculty and staff to seek to instill knowledge of God and His creation while drawing out of each student all that God has enabled them to do and to be.

My apologies for not writing more faithfully about my perspective on God’s work in and around MCA as well as providing insight into the political and environmental issues that are affecting Christian education today and tomorrow.  I have blocked out time on my calendar to do a more consistent job of that this year.

I thought I would re-start this communication with what is top of mind for leadership at this time:

  • Continuing to train, equip and assess our faculty to grow in effectiveness of educating children God’s way.  Several traveled to Dallas for the Kingdom School Institute.  Others participated in BJU Press’s training on biblical integration in curriculum.
  • Re-accreditation.  The visiting team will be here next April, so everyone at MCA has responsibilities to be prepared and prepare documentation for the team to review.
  • Growing the Academy.  With high school preschool growing, we are examining all the factors contributing to a decline across K-8.  We are seeking to find partners that can help us analyze, plan and execute.
  • Academics.  We have several things underway that will continue to sharpen our ability to help student achieve success in academics: training faculty on how to better use data from standardized test scores, on how to work with students with exceptionalities, and on how to be more intentional in meeting course objectives by documenting and using a curriculum map.  We have also made some changes to teachers’ assignments to better align with strengths.
  • Parent Involvement.  Delighted with the resurgence of MAP and the energy that they are bringing to this school year with a main focus of building relationships and community.  Should be a fun year!
  • Funding.  We have 3 fundraisers planned this year with the first one kicking off on 8/29.  With help from parents and energetic participation from students, faculty and staff, we could meet our goal for fundraising for operational needs and begin contributing to a growth fund.
  • Staffing.  We have welcomed 4 new faculty members to MCA and now are investing in them to help them acclimate and be successful.  Additionally several people have taken on new roles such as Mrs. Hanson serving as the interim Secondary principal,  Mrs. Wilde picking up College and Career Counseling, Mrs. Evans now leading our Elementary Learning Center, and Mrs. Martini moving to teach in the second grade classroom.

These are the big rocks in front of us, but there are many other things that rightfully need our attention.  Please join the many MCA parents who have committed to pray for God’s leading and blessing on MCA this year.

SMART Tuition Sign Up…

MCA Family,


Sign up for SMART and make your payment for the first month’s tuition by August 19.  The easiest way to do this is by clicking the link in the email you received earlier from SMART Tuition.  You may also enroll at Once you have signed up for SMART, you will need to select the “Pay Bill button” and make the first month’s payment.  In future months this will be done automatically.  Due to not generating significant income during the summer months, the August payment is critical to the financial health of MCA in terms of cash flow.  Your prompt attention to this request is appreciated.   If you have questions, call SMART tuition directly at 1-888-868-8828.

If you want to make your first month’s payment in person, please do so at the district/high school office at the South Campus.  When you come in to pay, please be prepared to sit down and activate your SMART account at that time.  Regardless of how you pay this first month, you will need to be signed up in SMART to receive billing and account information.  

We want all of our parents to make payments in SMART as it will provide better accounting for the home and for the school.  Your cooperation with this transition is greatly appreciated.


Mark Schultze