Week 2 Prayer Calendar

Thank you for joining us in prayer.  So that you have it in time to start next week, here is the prayer calendar for week 2.

40 Days of Prayer – Week 2

Eagle Update – 40 Days of Prayer

At the Eagle Update meeting on Monday, January 25th, the school board chairman, Blake Welch, shared a vital focus for MCA: 40 Days of Prayer.  Everyone at MCA recognizes the life-giving and life-sustaining nature of prayer.  This is especially true as you lean on God for sustaining and growing His ministry through MCA.  Therefore the Board has created a calendar leading all of us to pray in concert for many different aspects of the Academy.

Blake reminded us that prayer is our access, source of strength and power.  It is a unique privilege for believers and MCA.  Prayer unites us, changes us, it changes our circumstances.  God is at work at MCA helping teachers be more effective in helping students know God and abandon themselves to Him so that everything they do, including being the best students they can be, is honoring to Him.  God is marvelously providing for the needs of the school as I will share in another posts concerning the operations of the Academy.  He is helping students succeed in mastery of knowledge and application as evidenced in assessments and competitions as I will share in recaps of teachers’ presentations.  He is at work opening up doors to help Christian education grow in the Kansas City area which I will discuss in a post on collaboration efforts by Christian schools.

So please join us in praying for the Academy that we will accomplish what God has called us to do (see the beginning of that info in How Are Parents World Changers?).  Praise God for what He is already doing and ask Him for wisdom as we move into the days ahead.  We will have a special prayer and celebration event on March 7th.  More details to come.

Week 1 Prayer Calendar

Eagle Update – Tuition & Fees

The winter Eagle Update was held on January 25th at 6:30 in the South Campus lunch room.  There was a lot of relevant information shared, so today I will start with the most urgent information, but trust me, you will want to read all of these posts as some very encouraging and important insight was shared last night.

First up is re-enrollment.  Re-enrollment starts today.  A key message that was shared is the request that all current parents have their children re-enrolled by March 15.  As I shared last night, MCA is back in growth mode after having a slow summer last year.  Since August 1st, we have added 26 students to our enrollment in K-12 and have reached a total of 440 students.  Side note here is that our preschool is fast approaching full capacity with over a 100 students attending there.  There are several very important reasons for our request to have you re-enroll by March 15:

  1. There are a few classes that will be full or very close to full if everyone re-enrolls.  So with new families already showing up in our offices for students to enroll next year, we need to be able to tell them whether they have a seat as soon as possible.  We will be begin giving them those seats on March 16.
  2. We issue contracts for teachers in March.  Your help to know our enrollment numbers for next year will help us be wise stewards of the resources God has provided.
  3. The re-enrollment registration fee per student will increase by $100 on March 16.

As you are planning to re-enroll, here are the tuition and fee changes for next year:

  • Tuition
    • Elementary – increase $30/month
    • Junior High – increase $15/month
    • High School – increase $20/month
  • Fees
    • Elementary – $275
    • High School – $300
  • Day Care monthly rates
    • AM – $60
    • PM – $165
    • Combined – $225
  • Adding a 12 month payment option
    • First payment is due in June before school starts and last payment would be in May

The primary reason for any increase in tuition and fees is due to an investment in our people.  The revenue generated from these increases primarily go into salary increases, additional investment in resources and training, and benefit cost increases.  Additionally as God moves our finances to increasingly more stable position, we look forward to the day soon, where we begin to fund growth outside of people investments including endowment, better facilities, and other factors that help the ministry reach more families in an increasingly higher quality manner.

How Are Parents World Changers?

Do you realize the people who have changed the world recognized that the ideas that our children believe are the foundation of the future?  We can look at several examples throughout history that are both good and bad to support the premise of this question.

Martin Luther of 95 theses fame fully understood the value of education for impacting the future.  He devoted considerable energy instructing city councilmen and fellow citizens that “For the proper government of the earthly realm, education should be viewed as an important means in producing responsible citizens.”*  On the flip side, many evil men including Hitler understood that to control the future, you needed to control the educational system.  Hitler wrote in Mein Kampf “whoever has the youth has the future”.

So, to answer the question of the title of this post, yes parents are world changers.  Perhaps they are through their jobs, their influence with the people they meet, through their church.  But, outside of leading souls to Christ, I propose that the most meaningful world changing role parents have is training children.  Do you want a world that is healthy for your Christian grandchildren to live in? Train your children!

The Bible makes parents clearly accountable for the education of their children.  In Deuteronomy 6:2, “Do this so that you may fear the Lord your God all the days of your life by keeping all His statutes and commands I am giving you, your son, and your grandson, and so that you may have a long life.”  Why is it so important to do what is commanded in this verse outside of the fact that God commands it?  Well Dr. Glenn Schultz states it this way, “There is no doubt that one of the greatest contributors to this growing problem is the education that our children are receiving. The reason I say this is based on a truth that many parents, church leaders, and educators don’t understand when it comes to the education of our children and youth. I am convinced that the principal business of education is the communication of ideas, and all ideas have consequences.”

What ideas are you communicating to your children?  What ideas are the key influencing people in your children’s lives communicating?  Are your children pursuing the gods of economic utility, consumerism/comfort, or of technology?  Or are they pursuing the highest pursuit of honoring God in all they do?  We will talk about these choices in gods next time.

* Clarion Vol. 47, No. 16 (1998)

Dr. Riemer Faber is professor of Classics at the University of Waterloo, Ontario, Canada