Are We Greeks?

Here is a short history quiz taken from a book that all of the faculty and staff are reading this summer, Assumptions That Affect Our Lives, by Dr. Christian Overman.

What time and place do the following statements describe?

  • People, especially the educated ones, have rejected traditional religion.
  • Cults from the East have been accepted.
  • Astrology is practiced.
  • Patriotism has declined.
  • Men practice manners which have previously been considered effeminate.
  • The upper class is consumed with the pursuit of pleasure.
  • Education stresses knowledge more than character, and produces masses of half-educated people.
  • Public athletic games have turned into professional contests.
  • Homosexuality is popular.
  • Men who want to watch dances by unclad women do not have to go far to find them.
  • The dramas of the day are full of seduction and adultery.
  • A women’s liberation movement has brought women into active roles in a previously male-oriented culture.
  • Motherhood is devalued, and the bearing of children is viewed as an inconvenience.
  • Abortion is commonly practiced, as well as infanticide.

Well, if you said the time is now and the place is the U.S., you would be right.  You would also be right to say ancient Greece.  It is sobering to note that this similarity occurred during fall of the Greek influence on the world.  This was at the very end of their time greatness.

Dr. Overman’s point is that if we would learn from history, we must recognize all of the signals that say we are in grave danger.  He goes on to remind us that we are not past hope.  However we are in “code blue” status.  We need to act with urgency and with conviction if we are to be used by God to change the course of our nation.  The world has chosen to ignore the warning signs and use a different worldview that says this is the acceptable way and is even a better way as we evolve into a higher life form.

So what are we to do?  My intent in this post is not to provide a comprehensive answer, but I do want to propose a plan that will counter what the world has done to shape the culture (do research on how communists, gays, liberals, etc. have purposely changed our culture).  That plan starts with getting a hold on the hearts and minds of the next generation.  So when they are the major influencers of society, they will have the right worldview.  The best place to do that is in the home and at school where much of the children’s time is spent.  So my proposal is that every Christian parent put their children in a place where their children are taught a Christian worldview.  Then the parents work with that place to instruct in all areas of life to see the world from God’s point of view.  Sound like some place you know?