Track Enhancements at North Campus

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It has been quite a journey to get to this point, but we are finally here.  A couple years ago, the generous people who attended the auction provided funds to install some field event facilities at the North Campus.  Another generous person offered to do the work of grading and pouring concrete, however after not being able to connect with timing to get the work done for over a year, Kevin McCracken, an alumni parent and current track assistant coach, stepped up and offered to make sure this project got done.  He is well on the way to completion as the ground has been graded and concrete poured.  We still need to install some safety items and other small items, but the athletes should yet this year be able to use these facilities as they prepare for regional and state track meets.

Chapels in April

We have had two powerful chapels in April: The Dark Side of Technology and Education on Human Trafficking.  I have shared some thoughts on how technology is being used to drown out the voice of God and how it is medically changing our brains.  Let me remind you of a couple of points that impact you and your children in education.  Science has shown that living a life filled with dealing with multiple inputs constantly is causing our minds to become “scatter brained”.  By taking a bit of info here, quickly toggling to another input, and then another, and another, we are training our brains to store a fragmented picture of reality.  When we try to recall that information, it comes back to us fragmented if at all.  The misuse of technology is playing a big part in this.  You wonder why you or your child has difficulty focusing or remembering information, this lifestyle has direct impact on that situation.  In Asia, where they have been living this lifestyle with technology longer and are more immersed in it, they are seeing “digital dementia” in young people.  This means they are seeing the signs in students as if are getting Alzheimer’s.  There is hope.  Doctors and theologians alike are recommending more “analog” time.  Shut it all down.  Let your brain heal.  A couple practical steps that are challenging to implement: no screens in bedrooms and don’t look at a screen for the 2 hours before you go to bed.

Also, big caution on protecting your kids.  Russ Tuttle from KC Street Hope spoke at chapel and cautioned all teenagers that they are the targets of human trafficking.  It is happening in KC, and it is happening in the malls, theatres, and other teen hangouts in Johnson County.  He witnessed it happening first hand in a mall in Johnson County.  He offered all of the students a card with a list of things to look out for when approached to help protect themselves against being “groomed”.

You can find all of this information at the web site for Stop Trafficking Project.

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