Dark Side of Technology – Missing Girl in KC

Most of you are probably aware of the recent news story where a young 13-year-old girl used fake social media accounts to make connections with people including an older man.  That relationship developed to a point that she ended up in Arizona with him much to the dismay of her mom.  As you will hear at the Dark Side of Technology event on Monday April 6 @ 6:30 at Open Door Baptist Church, this story is only one among hundreds that law enforcement is dealing with across the nation including KC.

There is not one thing that happens on this earth that surprises our heavenly Father or is outside His control.  However, He calls parents to be involved in guiding, shaping and protecting their children at least until they leave the home.  Brad Huddleston, who is an international speaker and the author of two books, will speak candidly about what we must be aware of and how we can protect our children.  He is a godly man who bases all of his viewpoints on God’s Word.  Angie Jones works for the Kansas Bureau of Investigation and will help present how our state is impacted.  Russ Tuttle serves at KC Street Hope which is an organization that helps the victims of human trafficking.  He will help us see how technology plays a part in that process and how we can help our children avoid those dangers.

With all of my heart, I ask you to make time to attend this important event.  Become aware.  Get armed with good strategies.  Pray fervently.  Talk to your kids.  Put good practices in place.  You will be grateful you did.

Open Door Baptist Church
3033 N. 103rd Terrace
Kansas City, Kansas 66109

You can register for free at Dark Side of Tech event.

Christian Education: Character, Life Outcomes, Faithfulness after College & College Completion

In January 2014, the Institute of Education Sciences (IES) released “Education Longitudinal Study of 2002 (ELS:2002): A First Look at 2002 High School Sophomores 10 Years Later.”

Download this immediately and print it.  Here is a key finding:

Students obtaining a Bachelor’s degree 8 years after high school (p. 9):

Public-Schooled Catholic-Schooled Other Private Schooled
31% 61% 57%

So … Christian schools DO own college completion as well.  We own character.  We own better life outcomes…We own faithfulness after college…by the numbers! The implication is simple: Do you want to give your child a better chance to get a college degree?

2015-16: Academic Emphasis

Maranatha Christian Academy is focused on bringing quality Kingdom Education to students from age 2 1/2 through high school graduation.

That commitment in Preschool is focused on the God-instilled natural curiosity in children. Mrs. Daugherty, our Preschool administrator, describes the Preschool education as many opportunities to play, which is how children learn.  Playing is a primary method of learning along with developing (appropriate in length) periods of being able to listen.  Leveraging the wonderful curriculum from Bob Jones Press, we are focused on helping young ones explore God and His creation.  If they stay in the program through K-5, they will be ready to enter Kindergarten successfully.

In the primary grades in Elementary School we continue to develop the ability to listen to learn because much of what is taught is through listening then doing, listening then practicing.  Learning to listen for longer periods of time, and to respond verbally, and in print are  primary grade skills.  Remembering and thinking becomes important skills to apply what we learn.  Building to become Critical Thinkers about real issues is one of our academic goals in the upper elementary grades.  We are building the foundation of knowledge and relationship with God to become Christian-minded thinkers

We know our Elementary students are successful.  One indicator is through the students’ participation in competitions such as the ACSI Math Olympics, Art Festival, Music Festival and Speech Meet where they regularly come home with honors.  Another indicator is the demonstrated achievement in grade level curricula through the Principal’s Honor Rolls.  2/3 of our students in 4-6th grade earn Honor Roll status at B or A level EACH quarter!  And since developing the whole child is so important, we celebrate and publicly recognize achievement AND CHARACTER in our Awards Presentation at the end of the school year.

We know it is important for young people in Elementary to practice what they learn so we will continue offering many opportunities to put their knowledge and character into action:

  • Mentoring younger students in faith and modeling discipleship through actions – Sixth graders share time with our kindergarteners, , fifth graders with second graders, and fourth graders will share time with first graders. 
  • Select Choir​
  • ACSI Academic and Fine Arts Competition​
  • Enrichment Labs​
  • Maranatha Sports Teams ​
  • Chess Club​
  • Writing Club​
  • Lego Club
  • Summer program​

For our Secondary students, the focus is on preparing them for the next stage in life.  Most of them have the goal of entering college.  Therefore, we structure our academics with that in mind.  We already offer 27 hours of college credit courses, and we are adding one more next year in Composition 1 with plans to add Composition 2 the following year.  In addition, we will be adding an ACT prep class to help our students prepare for this crucial, college-entry test.

We are executing our plan for our Math program.  Our math faculty will have completed their first year at MCA, and will begin adding new touches to increase our ability to meet the math needs of all of our students.  For those students not needing advanced courses in math, we will add Personal Finance and Economics courses next year.

MCA has experienced a great deal of success this year, and we still have a few months to go:

  • Students have demonstrated spiritual leadership as older students have initiated and led prayer and discipleship groups.
  • Academic success has been achieved across disciplines and grade levels.  An example is our Sophomores who performed very well on the PLAN test.  Their results point to a future average 27 on the ACT test (National average is 21).
  • We continue to enjoy great music at MCA and others recognize it.  We have the top jazz saxophone player in the state, and several others received distinctive honors in State Honors Band.
  • We have the reigning State Cross Country Champions in both boys and girls.  Our girls are aiming for a 4th consecutive State Track title this spring.  Most importantly the witness of our Christian character to the community has been strong as evidenced by the unsolicited comments from those watching.

Our Mission is to train and equip young people for life and service to our Lord through biblical worldview, Christian character and academic excellence.  We pray and strive to be the educational partner for families that God would have us be.