2015-16 Athletic Emphasis

At the Soaring Upward event, we spent a few minutes just recapping the athletic accomplishments over the past 12 months.  It is worth sharing here to set the stage for next year.

Mr. Keener shared…

These are exciting times in our athletic program here at MCA. Under the leadership of a great coaching staff and a commitment to discipline, hard work, and totally releasing one’s self to give of their best for Jesus Christ, our athletes have been able to accomplish some amazing achievements. Even without the public recognition received, we have had many comments made by opposing schools and coaches about the outstanding character of our athletic teams.

  • Girls’ tennis team – made it a practice to pray with other teams before playing.  It made a significant impression on many girls across the city.
  • Football – character and quality of performance was so strong that another school approached us to consider a cooperative program.  The other school’s program has a rich history in football.
  • Boy’s soccer – when another school’s team behaved very poorly to the point of walking off the field due to response to refereeing, opponents and our fans alike commended our boys and coaches for their behavior.
  • Some of the tangible successes showed up with 3 state championships in the year 2014. 3 conference championships in that year, 3 Individual state championships, 9 all conference selections, 1 all state honorable mention football player, 2 named to all-metro cross-country team and 1 young lady being recognized as outstanding senior athlete for cross-country from all schools in the Kansas City area. These athletes who have achieved outstanding successes represent 22% of our high school students and 26% of our student body who actually participates in a school sanctioned sport. These athletes in front of you all achieved either individual team honors at a conference, regional, or state level. This is a fantastic representation for a 2A school.
  • We have had participation rates this fall much higher than in past years. As I mentioned at our fall meeting, 70% of secondary boys participated in at least 1 fall sport and 80% of the secondary girls.

What is our emphasis for next year?  Character development and pursuit of excellence are the names of the game.  You are probably not surprised, and you are asking why I wrote this post.  Simple answer.  We need to celebrate what God is doing, and we must stay the course of making the main thing the main thing.  Love God in all you do.  That is made manifest in our actions to others and offering back to Him of our best.  If that is what you want emphasized in the sports’ programs for your child, than MCA is the right place for you.

2015-16 Spiritual Emphasis

If you ask me as to what I will be emphasizing across the Academy going forward, or if you posed that question as, “What is it that you want to be the primary reason people choose MCA?”  I would answer that we want to be consumed by the goal of imparting a biblical worldview through practicing Kingdom Education. Yes we will continue to check off the boxes in pursuing excellence in every other area that we offer, just like any good Christian school, but we want to become known as preeminent in the discipleship effort of passing on a biblical worldview. Because as important as a Christian education is today, I believe it will only be more important in the future. If you desire an Academy that emphasizes that focus for your child now and when they are in the world on their own, MCA is the right partner for you.

The Mission of Maranatha is to train and equip students for life and for service to Jesus Christ through a biblical worldview, character development, and academic excellence. Our point of emphasis is conveyed through the concept of Kingdom Education which boldly proclaims that without a biblical worldview and Christian character development, any pursuit of academic achievement is empty and fruitless. We didn’t reach that conclusion on our own. Solomon reached that conclusion a few thousand years ago and shared his insight in Ecclesiastes (For in much wisdom is much grief: and he that increases knowledge increases sorrow 1:9). Obviously, we are not against knowledge and wisdom.  Neither was Solomon as his request of God was to give him wisdom.  The key here is the context of how that knowledge and wisdom is gained and applied.

Adding another key principle of Kingdom Education which is partnering with parents in the educational process, we want to assure you that all of our teaching efforts start and end with God’s point of view on the subjects we are teaching. We believe that if we help students live and learn in a manner that honors God, just like Daniel they will excel in their service to God and man. They will be world changers wherever God leads them and no matter the role in which He places them.

Everyone that is employed at MCA answers ultimately to God. We are here to please Him first and foremost. When we fail, we fail Him. When we excel, we honor Him. Therefore, our desire in everything we do: teach a class, grade a quiz, answer the phone, balance the books, ask for money, put on an event, coach a sport…everything…we do it to honor Him. There is no higher purpose. We believe that our work is an offering of praise back to Him.

Have you heard this message before from MCA?  Good!  I trust it will never change.  Our spiritual emphasis is anchored to a Rock that will never change.  Therefore we can stand firm.

Steve Gordon KAIRS Teacher of the Year!