2015-16 School Year: Finances

At Soaring Upwards last night we talked about finances from the standpoint of understanding the forces that are in place that drive tuition and fees.

  • The first powerful force is the one that calls for us to keep MCA as affordable as we can make it.  Since all Board members are current parents paying tuition, they have a personal investment in keeping MCA affordable.  I hear your stories of sacrifice, so I feel the pressure as well. Therefore, there is great sensitivity to keeping the cost of MCA as contained as possible – there is no waste in the budget. We also make MCA accessible to families by offering over $225,000 in financial aid thanks in part to the generous support of our Corporate Partners.
  • The second powerful force pulls in the opposite direction…to raise the costs of MCA significantly.  What are those forces?  Making teacher pay competitive and fair.  Providing the services that enable whole child training, and to deal with all of the rising costs of operations and maintaining facilities, let alone considering future expansion and building reserves.
  • We then have to look at the landscape around us so that we keep our costs in proper relation to other Christian schools in KC that are similar in size and services.

This year, as we balanced these forces, we decided that there needed to be increases.  They are necessary to do what you want us to do and what God called MCA to do.

  • Faculty and staff are the heart and soul of our school.  We must strive to make their compensation as fair as we can so that we retain and attract quality people.  This year we making additional investments in our people and dealing with the (un) Affordable Healthcare Act.
  • Coping with increasing operational costs which have risen at the same rate as the average cost of inflation.
  • Make an extra investment in converting our elementary math text books to a different publisher.
  • Making a concerted effort to reduce the necessity of fundraising to support the operations of the Academy.  We desire that those funds so generously given are targeted at growing the Academy not focused on sustaining it.

You can find the new tuition information at Tuition and Fees.

All fees are not changing for elementary or secondary students.  Our preschool has changed a few of their weekly tuition rates.  You can obtain the rate sheets for any of our schools (preschool, elementary, or secondary) at any of our school offices.  All elementary and secondary parents will receive an email with the new tuition and fee sheet.