Dewsly – What’s Going On?

I know there has been a lot of frustration with Dewsly’s rollout this year.  Let me provide a little background and then share where we are going from here.

Dewsly approached us last year with an offer that would have been difficult to turn down.  Dewsly is a startup company with aspirations of providing many services to schools across the nation.  They needed a couple of schools to be their pilot groups.  In exchange they would provide all current and future service offerings at no cost to the pilot schools.  This included all enhancements and additions to their offerings as long as the company existed.  A pretty sweet arrangement that included some risks.

One of those risks impacted our school community this first semester.  The rollout did not go as planned due to some issues at Dewsly.  Having been through technical rollouts at American Century for 21 years, I know this is not uncommon.  However, I want to apologize to you that I did not communicate with you earlier and more frequently about this developing situation.  We worked closely with Dewsly trying to wrestle through the issues, but did not get the stability we wanted.

So yesterday, Dr. Dunn and I met with the president of the company to discuss where we go from here.  He is committed to doing whatever it takes to help us make their services successful.  With that commitment, we are going to spend the rest of this semester gearing up for a much smaller pilot.  We will identify a few teachers in our elementary who will receive some additional training on Dewsly.  In addition, Mrs. Watt, Dr. Dunn, Mr. Carver and I will meet with the teachers to discuss the expectations and uses of the technology so that it is consistently applied.  This will allow us to truly test the system before we consider rolling it out to the whole Academy.

Thank you for your patience.  I do believe Dewsly will eventually be a tremendous improvement to our communication systems.  If you have perspective or thoughts on this subject, you can enter a comment on this site, go to our school’s web site and enter a comment(, or email me directly at