Video to Our Ladies

This video is made by some young men related to the Church of Latter Day Saints, but someone pointed me to this as a follow-up to our encouragement to our students for modesty.  I think it is encouraging that there are young men that are encouraging ladies towards modesty just like our Life Skills men did in our school paper.  Enjoy!

Virtue is so Beautiful

Chapel on Modesty

In our chapel for the Secondary students yesterday, we discussed modesty and lust.  These are subjects that have been so influenced by the world’s point of view that many Christians have either become numb, thrown up their hands in fighting it, or have actually adopted the world’s stance.  With much prayer and counsel, I decided that yesterday MCA needed to stand up more courageously and be counted as a school that stands against immodesty and the lust that immodesty encourages.

First of all, I acknowledge that the world is aggressive in shaping our views on this and that sexual attraction between men and women is a God-given gift.  Therefore we do not want to let a wonderful gift to be marred by sin which is what the world encourages us to do.  They celebrate the opposite of God’s plan.  Secondly, I acknowledge that I have not been as diligent in leading our school in guarding against Satan’s inroads into our school as I should.  I have asked God, leadership, faculty, staff and the students for forgiveness in this matter.  I also ask you parents for forgiveness as well.  Finally, we all realize that rules are not going to change someone’s heart.  Therefore the conversation at chapel was not about rules.  It was about being responsive to the Holy Spirit cleansing our minds and looking into the Bible for guidance on modesty.

What I said to the students is that I want us all to work together to have the courage to say no to the world’s way of dress and actions that encourage lust.  This means that we all must be on guard in our personal lives, and we must consider the impact of our dress, words and actions as they might impact others.  God tells us we are to love one another.  How can we show love if we are presenting a temptation to others?

I want our whole family to work together in not permitting these things at our school function.  The MCA faculty and staff will be coaching the young people about modesty and holding them accountable when they make errors in judgment.  No longer will clothing that draws attention to the body be allowed at school functions.  If the student cannot change into something modest, they will be asked to leave.  Events and functions where immodest dress persists in being challenged will be in jeopardy of being discontinued.

The students, parents, faculty and staff responded wonderfully at the event.  There was a visible demonstration by the student body that they want to be different from the world.  They want to be modest, and they want help in making good decisions.  I praise the Lord for that!  Let’s help them succeed by being in prayer, being active counselors and decision-makers, and educators in understanding modesty.  Let’s celebrate those that are making good decisions.  We did at the chapel!

God calls us to be different from the world so that we can be salt and light.  Let’s choose that in this one very public way to stand out in a culture that ignores God’s instruction concerning this crucial matter that impacts so many lives.

TV and Radio Commercial Schedules

Cable TV
Station Date Days Daypart
West Zone & Olathe
A&E W 7p-11p
TBS Sa-Su noon-11p
FAM Th-Su noon-mid
FOX M-W 8-10p
HGTV M, Tu 7p-mid
LIFE Th-Su 8p-mid
LIFE Sun 8a-8:30a
Olympics February only
METS High School Round Up F 10-10:30a
FOOD M,Tu,Th 7p-11p
BONUS 4 cable networks M-Su 6a-mid
Broadcast TV
Station Program Dates Days Daypart
KSHB – Feb Olympics Feb Th-Su varies
KSHB   -March-May American Dream   Builders 2/23, 3/2, 3/9, 3/30,   4/6, 4/13 Sun 7p-11p
KSHB The Voice/Chicago   Fire 2/25, 3/4, 3/11, 4/1,   4/8, 4/15 Tu 7p-10p
KMBC Good Morning America 2/17, 2/21, 2/24, 2/28, 3/3, 3/7 M,F 6a-8a
3/10, 3/14, 3/31,   4/4, 4/7, 4/11
KCTV Undercover Boss 2/21, 2/28 F 7p-8p
Station Date Days Daypart Spots Length
KCHZ 2/19-2/28 W-F 3p-6:30p 6 :60
KCHZ 3/1-3/2 Sa-Su 11a-7p 6 :60
KCHZ 3/3-3/4 M-Tu 6a-9a 6 :60
KCHZ 3/3-3/4 M-Tu 3p-6p 6 :60
KCHZ 3/10-3/21 M, Tu,F 3p-6:30p 6 :60
KCHZ 3/31-4/11 M, Tu,F 3p-6:30p 6 :30
KCHZ 4/28-5/9 M, Tu,F 3p-6:30p 6 :30
KCHZ 2/19-5/9 M-Su 6a-8p
Life 88.5 2/19-2/28 W-F 3p-7p 9 :30
Life 88.5 3/1-3/2 Sa-Su 11a-7p 6 :30
Life 88.5 3/3-3/4 M-Tu 6a-9a 2 :30
Life 88.5 3/3-3/4 M-Tu noon-2p 2 :30
Life 88.5 3/3-3/4 M-Tu 3p-6p 6 :30
Life 88.5 3/10-3/21 M, Tu,F 6a-9a 6 :30
Life 88.5 3/31-4/11 M, Tu, F 6a-9a 6 :30
Life 88.5 4/28-5/9 M, Tu, F 6a-9a 6 :30

Today and the Future

The task of a superintendent and most school leaders is to balance attention to what is happening today with what needs to happen in the future.  The joy in that is walking with God so that you don’t get your own plans in the way whether you are addressing issues of today or planning for events in the future.

So what is on the plate today?  First is keeping everyone pursuing the idea of getting a little better every week.  As I challenged the basketball girls on Monday, God never allows us to stop pursuing our relationship with Him.  I feel the same should be said of an organization that exists to bring glory to Him.  So how are we doing that?  Each week I meet with office staff and my first question, “What can we do a little better?”  Answers range from providing a better tone on the phone to a new step in a financial process.  Principals are in the classrooms working with teachers to strengthen their performance.  The leadership team meets weekly to improve communication, cooperatively plan and think creatively.  All of this is bathed in prayer as we seek to join God in His work.

At the same time the future is asking us to determine how many students will be continuing at MCA in 2014-15.  That is why we have been focused on informing everyone why they should be excited about MCA for the next school year.  That was what tonight’s event was all about.  Now on March 4th, all current families and prospective families will hear and see the exciting new enhancements, programs and investments as well as be reminded why Christian education is so important today.  There are 1200 seats in CrossPoints auditorium, I am asking you to fill all of them.  I believe current parents, students, faculty and staff need to hear what we are sharing.  Prospective families will get a wonderful insight into our school, so I encourage you to invite everyone you think might be interested in MCA.  It will be a night well worth your investment.

Finally, we are getting people, programs and tools prepared for next year.  Yes, you have to work on the boat while it is churning through the ocean.  We are planning training for people, upgrading the systems we use in the classroom and in the office, and we are obtaining additional tools to help us be more effective in the classroom and in the office.  You will hear and see more details about all of this when you come on March 4th.

God is at work at MCA!  Is at work in your life?  Let’s grow in Him together.

TV Commercial – See it here first!

Tonight, Thursday, February 6th, was supposed to be the night where, among many other things, we were going to reveal our new TV commercial.  Well, the Lord had other plans.  So, I have the priviledge of sharing it first here.

After you watch it, I would ask you to pray faithfully that God would use this commercial and the many other things we are doing to expand His ministry at MCA.  Specifically pray that God will grow our school to 465 students (K-12) for next school year.

I hope you enjoy it as much as I did the first time I saw it.  I have watched it many times, and every time I am delighted with the messages that are portrayed in 30 seconds.

Maranatha Christian Academy TV commercial.

This will show on cable TV, some broadcast TV and specifically we will be on during some of the Olympics as well as a few shows such as Under Cover Boss & Good Morning America.  The lineup is still being negotiated, but you should start seeing these commercials as soon as this evening.