MCA will be on TV

Yes, we are going to see how the Lord might use TV and radio to make more Christian families aware of MCA.  We have partnered with Advantage Media out of Gainesville, Florida to create some commercials and place ads.  They will be on site January 12-14 to interview parents and students and shoot footage for a commercial and some videos.  The videos will be used on our web site and elsewhere.

Advantage Media has helped a school in Gainesville grow by about 20% a year for the past several years.  Therefore, while they are here, I will have them review all of our marketing efforts to make sure they are all working together to increase awareness.  I will continue to work with them each month to refine the plan as we start getting feedback.

Please be in prayer that God will use these efforts to expand His ministry at MCA.

History is an Educator

I begin with my position that as a parent, it is my responsibility to determine the manner in which my child will be educated.  It is my – in partnership with my wife – decision which local church will educate my child.  We decide how we will educate them at home.  It is our decision to choose an educational partner.  With all that I have read, heard and experienced, I believe a Christian education partner is the best choice.  I know it is expensive in terms of money, and I know it is not perfect simply by the fact that we are all human.  However, it has been shown that what should be the most important desire of any Christian parent – the faith of their child in Jesus – is most likely to take root and endure if watered and tended at a Christian school.  Google “Cardus Study” for an enlightening study.  We can learn from history of those who have made choices about educational partners and can see the fruit.  Will we learn from it?

The creation vs evolution debate is one that I read about considerably.  I get the magazine Answers which is published by Answers in Genesis (Ken Ham).  Included in the Oct-Dec 2013 issue was an article on public education.  I encourage you to read it.

They reminded the reader that education started with local communities coming together to agree on how their children should be educated, and they set the goals and agendas.  These goals strongly integrated their religious beliefs.  Early in the 1900’s that all changed with the “progressive” movement and their desire to have “a common liberal culture as their main purpose”.   “Without hiding their agenda, these educators argued that the public schools should separate children from the religious ‘prejudices’ of their parents and redefine Americanism as what they called a secular ‘common faith’.”

“The ideological revolution has been even more damaging…now overwhelmingly committed to a radically naturalistic and evolutionistic worldview that sees the schools as engines of social revolution.”  Here are some sample resolutions from the 2012-13 convention of the National Education Association.

  • “Plans, activities, and programs must….increase respect, understanding, acceptance, and sensitivity toward individuals and groups in a diverse society composed of such groups as…gays, lesbians, bisexuals, transgender person…”Such plans, activities and programs must…encourage all members of the educational community to examine assumptions and prejudices, including, but not limited to, racism, sexism and homophobia.”
  • “The Association also believes that schools should provide…family-planning counseling and access to birth control methods.”
  • “The Association deplores prepublishing censorship, book-burning crusades, and attempts to ban books from school library media centers and school curricula.”  So anything goes in the public school library.

With these and similar positions, understand if you choose the public school as your educational partner, you are signing up for extra efforts – I dare say extreme efforts – to combat the 8 hours of day that they are being intentional to teach them the opposite of God’s way.

We are absolutely committed to doing everything to the glory of God, and we believe that excellence in all we do should be a natural result.  That excellence should be evident in the quality of teaching, the running of the business aspects of the school and in the development of the whole child.  Just as we individually will be pursuing the holiness of God all of our lives, MCA will be pursuing a higher level of excellence.  I hope you are planning on coming on February 6th to hear how we are taking our school to the next level of that pursuit.