The MCA Story in Video Including Our New Commercial

 MCA TV commercial.  This commerical is currently showing on broadcast and cable TV.

 Thank you KC Bariatric for the donation to make this wonderful video that conveys the heart of MCA!

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Is Education a Secular thing?

If I said the word “up”, what word would be its opposite?  “down”, correct?

How about the opposite of “hot”?  “cold”

What if I said “secular”?  Would you say “sacred”?

I believe this has become a natural delineation for people today.  The problem is that God has not allowed us to divide life into the sacred and the secular.  When we become His, our whole life is sacred.  Contemplate that for a few minutes.  When we are in church, we understand that during that time we are doing sacred things.  However, when we are cheering for our children on the soccer field are we as aware that God considers that time and activity as sacred as well.  How about going to the grocery store?  Yep.  Balancing the checkbook.  You bet.  Going to the movies, or shopping, or jogging down the street.  Yes, yes, yes.  Does that change your perspective on how we should act and think about these things.  It did for me.

Now, let’s tie this into education.  Is education secular or sacred?  I confess.  I led the witness.  Based on the first paragraph, we have to acknowledge that education is sacred if we are His children.  Therefore the question arises for parents, “How do I can I best create a sacred environment for my child to be educated?”  My position (along with the author Glenn Schultz of Kingdom Education) is that we must create a sacred educational environment that instills the values and beliefs that honor God.  Every subject taught in school is taught based on values and beliefs.  Since we cannot separate secular and sacred values and beliefs if we are God’s children, we must not allow our children to be instructed in the values and beliefs of the world.

Maranatha Christian Academy is first and foremost committed to teaching the values and beliefs in all subject matters that are found in the Word of God.  As Christian parents who have chosen to partner with MCA, I trust that is a reassuring fact.  When you stand before God accounting for how you raised your children, I pray every day that MCA will be accounted as righteous in our efforts to instill His right thinking and beliefs in every child.