The Next Chapter at MCA

These are exciting times at MCA.
– Lives are being infused with God in the classroom, chapel and sports’ fields and courts.
– Enrollment is up.
– Our new Eagle Eatery is serving over 100 healthy meals a day.
– Our teachers are more connected and unified than ever before. We invested a week in working on our themes of Unity and Community.
– The testimonies of enthused, tenured teachers has been wonderful.
– We have 2 new principals, a new development director, teachers and staff that bring a fresh look and energy to our school.
– Excitement is building for the next chapter of MCA. The number 40 figures prominently in that chapter. (Hint: study how the Bible talks about the number 40)

In my last post, I introduced the definition of Kingdom Education. I hope you have had time to think about that. When I talk about the next chapter for MCA, this definition is the foundation. It is based on the principle demonstrated in the lives of Moses, Daniel and Paul (see our Vision statement). If you teach a student to look at all aspects of creation – including education – as creations of God that are sustained by God to bring glory to God, God will honor that. He will bless students with wisdom and power to accomplish what He has for them in their vocation and in their service to Him.

So the seed has been planted in my heart (and others have affirmed this) that God has great plans for MCA in this next chapter in the story of MCA. He wants to build on the legacy He has created here through so many devoted servants of Christ. But we must first make sure that we are doing everything in a way that puts Him first. We must seek to bring Him glory in everything. Then just like Daniel when he resisted the king’s methods in favor of God’s, God will bless MCA. He will enable teachers to excel in instructing, modeling and encouraging our students to be what God intended. He will enable students to be like Daniel by going into a pagan world and excelling in their service to God and changing a nation.

Those are my thoughts on the question I raised in my last post about the definition of Kingdom Education “and” other things. My belief is that as we truly seek God with all of our heart in the classroom, hallways and fields, He will enable us to succeed in ways the world recognizes such as achievement in academics and co-curricular activities. There is no “and” in God’s universe. There is no secular and sacred. Everything is God’s and that includes education. We cannot separate teaching values in education no matter what leading public educators are trying to tell us. The question is which values do you want your child to be surrounded by.

Our commitment to you is that we will be striving to surround your students with the values taught in God’s Word.

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In the Beginning…

Genesis 1:1 states, “In the beginning God…” We are being intentional about keeping that thought first as we begin this school year.

– Our teachers’ first gathering was an hour and a half devoted to worshiping, praying, and hearing God speak to them about this school year.
– Our leadership and faculty invested a day in listening to God about the future of MCA. God produced a wealth of ideas for improving and growing the ministry.
– Across the Academy, the school year started with chapels with the students.
– The Secondary students invested a couple hours in service to charities around the city in their first 2 days at school.
– We are emphasizing in everything we do that we start with God. Then we integrate academics, activities and plans. When we stand before God, we want to affirm that our focus was training young people to excel in their effort to understand Him through all of their educational activities.

I gave you a glimpse inside Glen Schultz’s book Kingdom Education in my last post. A key concept we are meditating on to shape the next chapter in the story of MCA is the definition of Kingdom Education. I would ask you to join us in meditating on what this concept means for you and your family.

It is the life-long, Bible-based, Christ-centered process of
Leading a child to Christ,
Building the child up in Christ,
Equipping the child to serve Christ
To cause the child to know and glorify God.

Is that what you want your educational partner to do? If so, MCA is the right place for you. That is our purpose. If not, what part of that purpose don’t you want your educational partner to do? Perhaps you are not struggling with any of these statements, perhaps you are expecting some “ands”. So you might be thinking, I want these statement to be true, and I want academic achievement. Could you excel at academic achievement as you pursue the above definition of Kingdom Education? I would like you to think on that. I will post my thoughts on that in my next post. We are on a journey together, so we need to be striving to accomplish the same thing. I am sharing our intent. I would enjoy hearing your thoughts on the matter.

God has brought us 437 students (so far) to serve this year. We are especially excited to have 40 kindergartners which means our second year of very full kindergarten classes. This is the first year in 5 years that our enrollment has increased. In addition, our preschool is rapidly approaching full capacity.

Thanks for all of your prayers. Pray that God will continue to invigorate our teachers. Join us in praying for our students as we challenged them to become the most loving school in KC.

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Parents’ Decision About School Choice

After a long absence, I am back on the writing circuit.  In fact, I am doing a lot of writing since I started my Masters in Education: Administration and Leadership.  However, I have not posted on this blog since early June.

This first post is an excerpt from a book that is shaping the future of our school by influencing my thinking this summer.  We are going to have a big initiative this year that I am very excited about because I have seen God’s hand in working around us to encourage us in the path we have chosen.  Is that enough of a teaser for now?  The book is Kingdom Education by Glen Schultz (no relation).  Much more on this soon, but to get a taste of the message of his book, here is an excerpt that you can use as you visit with others about why you chose MCA and what things they need to consider as they make their choice in educational partners.

One final word to the parents out there.  Choosing a school which your child will attend is often a very difficult task.  Every year when registration time approaches, critical questions are asked.  Performances are evaluated.  Pros and cons are weighed.  Each year as you prayerfully contemplate this crucial decision, may I encourage you to seek not what is good for your children, but what is best.  Seek not what is important, but what is essential.  Seek not glamour, but godliness.  Seek not a place that gives your children opportunities to socialize; seek first that which gives your children opportunities for servanthood.  Seek not to increase their fun; seek to increase their faith.  Seek not tools to make them rich; seek first to give them tools to make them righteous.  Parents, seek not what makes your kids happy; seek first what makes your kids holy.  Seek ye first the kingdom of heaven and His righteousness, and then sit back and claim God’s promise that every single thing your children need to fulfill God’s perfect plan for their lives will be given unto them.

God is at work at MCA in mighty ways.  Donors have been generous already.  Over 60 new students including 38 new kindergartners have joined our school.  Leaders and faculty are getting excited about what God is doing in shaping our future.  Please continue praying for God’s hand to be on MCA.