Maranatha Christian Academy Wins Class 2A Girls State Championship in Track!!

The Shawnee Dispatch covered the event as both the boys’s team and the girls’ team were quite successful at the State Meet.  Read the article.

Mrs. Watt, New Elementary Principal

This week I announced to staff and faculty that I have selected a new elementary principal.  Her name is Virginia “Gingie” Watt.   I have spoken at some length with Mrs. Watt on several occasions, but early on I let her know that there were some key characteristics that I was looking for:

  • Spiritual leadership
  • Honor the past and strive to improve
  • Stimulate creativity
  • Foster unity and community
Mrs. Watt responded enthusiastically to these desires and demonstrated these characteristics, so she will follow the legacy that Mrs. Burch is leaving at MCA.  Let me share some information about her, and why I chose her to be the leader of our elementary.
Mrs. Watt…
  • Has 20+ years of leadership experence
  • Is currently working as the Lower School Head at St. Paul’s Episcopal School here in KC, MO
  • Husband’s name is Ken
  • Has a Master’s degree in School Administration and Leadership
  • Has taught 3rd grade and PE
  • Was born again at the age 15
  • Quote from her current “boss” – “Gingie is kind, caring, spiritually deep and has a great deal of integrity.”
  • Quote from her cover letter – “I have a strong belief in the benefits of blending academic challenge with spiritual and personal growth throughout children’s early years in education.  The integration of Christian education and traditions, which nurture an understanding of our spiritual natures, is a hallmark.”
  • Quote from current peer – “In all interactions and positions involving this student, Mrs. Watt demonstrated compassion and extensive concern about the current and future ways to best help the student.”
Some key attributes that finalized my decision to hire her:
  • A spirit of kindness blended with a firmness that generates confidence
  • A broad array of experiences in education
  • A desire that has led to results in aspiring to seek continual improvement
  • Demonstrated success in building and shaping a school community
  • Love for helping teachers be successful; style to work collaboratively as new things are considered and then introduced
Mrs. Watt will meet the teachers on Friday the 24th during our final in-service.  We will be looking for times throughout the summer to give all parents and students an opportunity to meet her.  Mrs. Watt will be on site frequently over the next couple of months and will start officially on August 1.