Beyond the Walls Update

Wanted to give everyone a quick update.  We are still getting a few dollars to trickle in, so we are at $91,400.  Also, wanted to let you see where donations have come from.  See the attachment to be encourage with how God moved on hearts from across the nation to support our kids and our school.  I just sent out a note about the classes who brought in the most donations and the teachers who were rewarded for encouraging the kids.  Mrs. Mickelson, Mr. Cox, Mr. Wagner, Mr. Yates and Mr. Nelson all won for helping the Kindergarten, 7th and 10th grade classes participate.  Kindergarten and the 10th grade will each have a party at Sky Zone for their efforts.


Donor Map


He changes times and seasons; he deposes kings and raises up others. He gives wisdom to the wise and knowledge to the discerning.  Daniel 2:21

Maranatha Christian is in a time of change.  It is comforting to remember that God is the one that ordains changes in not only times and seasons but in leadership.  I think we often get caught up in the supposed importance of our role in that change.  I want to acknowledge that it appears that God has chosen this time to considerably move the waters in and around MCA.  Some see those waters as unsettling, turbulent currents that cause them to ask questions of where are we headed.  Others see those as stimulating white water that is churning toward a future filled with promise.

I am part of the whitewater group, but can relate to the unsettled group.  I can assure you that the Board is part of the whitewater group.  I am also part of the whitewater group because God has been challenging the size of my faith for quite a while, and now I am beginning to get comfortable relinquishing the rudder and recognizing that He will accomplish His purposes much better if I let Him steer.  Now I must still be an active participant.  He commands us to not be idle.  So balancing my vigorous rowing with listening to His instructions about when and where to row is an ongoing developmental opportunity for me.

The unsettled group sees the fact that a new superintendent came in last year and has changed events, brand, etc, and now two principals and another teacher are retiring.  So they ask how they are to interpret all of this change and activity.  Let me give some perspective that gives me comfort and may allow that group to remained anchored.

  • MCA’s Anchor – Our view of God does not change.  This is His ministry and our commitment to serve and love Him remained unaltered.  That means our Mission and Vision stay locked in, and they speak to training and equipping young people for life and service to change our world for Him.
  • Staff’s Seniority – Dr. Daugherty mentioned as early as 2 years ago that we were entering a stage in the life of the school where turnover was imminent due to people getting to the age of retirement or just wanting to transition to a new stage in life (think grandkids!).  I believe we will have several more retirements over the next couple of years.
  • God’s Calling – I have never in my life felt so led to be in the place that I am.  I have been delighted to hear how others have heard God speaking to them as well.  That has come from Mr. Beck and Mrs. Burch as they have felt led to transition to a new stage in life, and I have heard that same refrain as teachers and our new principal have been led to join our Family.  God moves on the heart, and we must trust Him that He is working all things for His eternal purposes and for the benefit of His people.
  • God’s Commands – in His Word He challenges us to be seeking to mature in our faith throughout our lives.  We are commanded to be holy as He is holy.  That is truly unattainable until we get to glory, but we are to still run the race wholeheartedly.  I see the process for learning how to educate our children in an ever-changing world as a similar type command.  That means we must be nimble in responding to new tools and techniques to fulfill the command of instructing our children.  At the same time, the truths of God and His Word are immutable.  And many tools and techniques of education are tried and true.  Therefore we will always be in a state of evaluation what is working well and what needs improvement.  Some changes will be incremental and some are more significant.  God has wired us this way.  He has made us creators in His image.  Let’s celebrate that fact and continue the path upward to bring Him glory in all we do.

I covet your prayers for God’s wisdom and guidance as we navigate these changes.  Specifically pray that God will help all involved to communicate well, build trust, unify in our purpose, and become more effective in raising up young people in the nurture and admonition of the Lord.

Note: we will be honoring Mr. Beck, Mrs. Burch and Mrs. Langseth who is retiring as well in an event before the end of the school year.  So you will have plenty of chances to love them and encourage them in this transition in their lives.

New Secondary Principal

I am delighted to introduce Ron Fritz to our MCA Family as our new secondary principal.  After a diligent national search, we found our new leader in our back yard.  He lives with his wife Christie just over the border in KC, MO.

Ron comes to us with 30+ years of school leadership experience, and he recently retired from serving as the building leader in Jefferson City Public Schools.  He is an accomplished teacher who still substitutes frequently.  He serves this role so well that teachers specifically ask for him.

During this process, I was looking for a leader who is passionate about knowing and serving our Lord, who had demonstrated an innovative, persistent pursuit of excellence in the schools they had led, and had demonstrated a love for instructing kids.  I believe God led Ron to us as a great fit for this time.

He just met most of the Board today at lunch, and I will be introducing him to the teachers on the 19th during in-service.  I have invited him to attend other school functions, but we will also be looking for a time where parents and students can meet him informally if they would like.  I am not going to tell you eveything about Ron as I would encourage you to seek him out and get to know him.  He loves people and would love to get to know you.

Please pray for Ron as he becomes oriented to our school and begins to understand who we are.  I look forward to him fully engaging and continuing the strong legacy of MCA and then to help us leap forward.

Beyond the Walls – Update April 9th

It is delightful to be part of a school that is on mission to make a difference in our world.  I got to see that firsthand last Friday on Serve Day as our students, faculty and parents went out into the community and blessed ministries across the city.  The directors of those ministries were singular in their gratefulness for the impact on the work that God has called them to do.  One director spoke to our children and reminded them of Jesus’s work in multiplying the 5 loaves and 2 fishes to feed thousands.  He tied that to the children’s work, and how we will not know until we are in heaven the number of lives which were blessed because of the work that was accomplished on Serve Day.

Another director reminded me of the additional blessing of exposing our students to opportunities to serve year around.  In case you didn’t know, let me share with you where we served.

  • K-1st – blessed our preschool by washing toys
  • 2nd – blessed our city, Crossroads Church and Shawnee police and fire station by picking up trash
  • 3rd – helped the Johnson County Museum prepare for their summer programs
  • 4th – cleaned Lenexa Baptist Church baseboards
  • 5th – cleaned and organized things at Forest Avenue Church on Troost
  • 6th (Attwood) – blessed City Union Mission with cleaning, organizing, watching young ones
  • 6th (Redick) – served the House of Hope by preparing for a major mailing
  • 7th – helped Mission Southside prepare to give to those less fortunate in south KC
  • 8th – prepared flower beds for Mid America Nazarene University
  • 9th – worked at Urban Scholastic Center raking leaves, sorting books, cleaning the building, re-mulching a playground and washing vehicles
  • 10th – worked a Desoto Youth Ministries cleaning
  • 11th and 12th – served at Freedom Farms in Bonner Springs mucking stalls, chopping wood, cleaning out fence rows, etc.

So a great day of impact and learning for our kids.  I have heard so many of them saying it was a great day.

Now add on top of that the fact have now exceeded $89,000.00 in donations from people across the nation including Hawaii, and we have much to give God praise for.