Beyond the Walls Update

All of the plans are coming together.  Your team of committed volunteers have done an exceptional job in orchestrating our first go around with this event.  Please let these people know how much you appreciate their time, effort and thought.

Matt Schoenfeld – Event Director
Amy Dmyterko – Service and Transportation Director
Marci Dighton – Publicity Director
Marla Hoehn – Incentives and Prizes/Awards Director
Sondra Slattery – Prayer Director
Brandyn West – Kickoff Dinner Director
Debbie Dunn – Data and Records Director

I have posted the link that contains all of places we will serve on our school web site at  Remember we need parents to come join in on Serve Day.  The 4-12th grades will meet in the north parking lot at the South Campus for a time of prayer and last-minute instructions.  Many of the classes will start their day serving around the school and church before heading off to their service places.  The Kindergartners through 3rd grade will meet at the North Campus to start the day.  Both locations will start their prayer/instruction time at 8:00AM.

In case you did not know this, Sondra and her team are faithfully praying for those we will be serving and lifting up the prayer requests they submitted as well as the prayer requests submitted by donors.  I am praying that many across our city and nation will be blessed due to our intercession.  Please continue to pray for this event and for the donors who are still considering how much to give.

Town Hall News

In setting up the 2 Town Halls in February and March, my desire was to share and interact with families as the Board and I are in the planning stages for next year and beyond.  I appreciated the 40 people who showed up and provided valuable input as to the future of the school.  We are combining that input with the feedback of the survey and input from experts in education to develop our plans.

There were some key messages that I would like to share with those of you who could not attend the meetings.  In a partnership, we should be clear in expectations and strive to align those expectations to increase our chances for success and reduce the chances for dissonance.

First of all let me share “What We Want to Be”

  • God-centered – Our Mission and Vision statements articulate where we are anchored
  • Excellence focused – we must pursue excellence.  As God commands us to mature as Christians until we go home to be with him, we should strive to be and do our best in all that we undertake in service to Him on this earth.
  • Loving community – students and parents should all see and feel God’s love readily apparent throughout our school.
  • World changers – our Vision statements describes this for us.  Ultimately it is about training students to change the world through sharing the Good News and by excelling in their vocation.

So if we want to become what we just described, what are outcomes we expect from the students who graduate from MCA?  I covered these in some detail in the recent edition of the Matters.

  • Valiant apologists for our Lord – know our Lord as personal Saviour and valiantly stand and defend the truth
  • Courageous character to withstand and stand up – arm our students to withstand the assaults of the world and stand up for what is right
  • Well-developed hunger to contribute – make it part of who they are to serve and love others
  • Richly prepared for a wide selection of choices – provide the path for each student to pursue the path of education and work that God has gifted them to pursue.
  • Steadfastly grounded with common sense – seek opportunities to allow students to practice using logic, experience and critical thinking to make well-grounded decisions

I hope these goals and outcomes resonate with what you want for your child.  Working together, I believe God is enabling us to accomplish these things.

Our Journey to Excellence Phase 2 will be focused on Academics and Student Life for the 2013-14 school year.

Our Academic goals are:

  • All of our students are prepared for life – whatever path they choose, we provide the instruction and opportunity that allows them to succeed.
  • MCA competes with any KC or national school in student mastery of any subject that we offer.
  • Offer as many electives as prudent.

We discussed the what an “engaged teacher” looks like.  I asked for input on the friendliness of our school.  We visited about what makes a “great academic experience”.

So, although I did not have as many people participate as I would have liked, I do feel like I have a course of action that is crystallizing.  I will be seeking the counsel of the Board, leadership team and others and spending much time in prayer.  Please join me as seek God’s wisdom for growing His ministry.

Battle of Bands is a Huge Hit!

230+ kids, 4 Youth Bands from local churches and a successful Christian Band all mixed together in one fantastic evening and you have a huge success for our school!  Mill Creek Community, Lenexa Baptist, Antioch and CrossPoints churches were wonderfully represented by not only talented youth bands but quite a few “groupies” from their youth groups.  The crowd was entertained by wonderful music, visiting with the leaders of our Democracy Foundation Institute, representatives of Illuminate Concerts who invited attendees to other Christian concerts and enjoying some fun give aways by the headlining group of Satellites and Sirens.

Of course, there were plenty of adults there enjoying the evening as well.  Some were in the middle of all the youth worshiping and enjoying the music.  Many of us were sitting in the stands enjoying the music from a little farther back and perhaps with ear plugs in (they were provided for free) and enjoying watching the kids.

This was a new event that served several important goals of our school:

  1. Showed that MCA is committed to partnering with churches in raising godly young people.  Youth bands were given some extra motivation to practice their craft.
  2. Provided an opportunity for other Christian youth to discover MCA and mingle with our students.
  3. Provided a great opportunity to market our school to our target audience – Christian youth – at no net cost to the school

Yes, I said no net cost.  In fact it was better than that.  Our wonderful event coordinators – Lesli Lundquist and Jen Sneider – did such an incredible job putting together a quality, smooth-operating evening that they netted the school about $1000 even though the paid for a high-quality band to come, had security officers on site, rented $1000’s of dollars of sound equipment and much more.  Praise God that He chooses to work through people to accomplish His purposes.  Thank you to all the volunteers that came out and made this such a successful inaugural event.