Beyond the Walls Serve-A-Thon Map

Pretty cool to see where donors are sending their donations from.  Check out this map.

Outside Perspective on Value of Christian Education

It is always good to consider outside perspectives on what we are doing in Christian education.  Here is a well-respected pastor and teacher commenting on the value of Christian education on America.

RC Sproul comments

Why a Battle of the Bands?

By now, I hope you have heard about the Youth Group Battle of the Bands and Satellites & Sirens concert hosted by MCA in our gym.  This is a big deal for our school because…

  • We can strenthen our connection with local churches – we need youth in churches in Johnson and Wyandotte to know about MCA and learn what we are all about.  Getting them onsite at a Christian event rubbing shoulders with our students builds and strengthens connections.
  • We can provide wholesome activities in partnership with churches – we talk about the three way partnership of family, church and school in the education of our children.  This event provides a neat intersection of those entities in providing the kind of entertainment and worship that we want our kids to enjoy.
  • We can encourage excellence in Youth Group Bands – we feel this is a neat way to provide a motivation for Youth Group Bands to practice and perfect their ability to lead others in worship.  What a great way to encourage Youth Group leaders!

I need your help.  We need as many of our 6-12th graders to attend as possible.  We want 4-500 young people in our gym worshipping and enjoying each other’s company.  It would be great to have over half of the audience to be MCA students.  Will you go online and purchase tickets soon so that we can plan appropriately for space and food (concessions will be available)?  Tickets are $10 before the day of the event and $15 at the door.  Purchase Tickets Online

P.S.  If you can help at the event in terms of supervision, please contact Lesli Lundquist at

Security Update

I wanted to provide you a quick update on our security efforts.  We have initiated 4 tactics to continue to improve the security of our school:

  1. Overland Park’s Chief of Police Task Force for School Security – Police Chief John Douglass and the Sheriff, law enforcement and school district leadership across Johnson and Miami counties are collaborating to define and implement best practices for school security.  I will be participating in this Task Force throughout this semester with results expected by the end of the semester.
  2. Purchase of hardware to control access to 3 main entrance doors at South Campus – after working through various bids and alternatives, I have given the green light to purchase and install hardware that will allow office personnel to control access to our main entrances at the South Campus.  I will provide an estimated time of installment when we have that from the vendor.
  3. Homeland Security Assessment – in the Town Hall earlier this month, Dave Smith, one of our current parents and attorney for Homeland Security, connected us with a Homeland Security expert who will provide a free All Hazard Assessment of our school.  We have scheduled that to happen in early April.
  4. Change in procedures – based on the lessons we learned during our recent test, we are making changes to procedures for handling these situations.  These procedures include better communication tools, tighter procedures for handling accessing the building for people outside of the building (teachers, students, parents) during a crisis, and many other physical improvements.

Thanks for your prayers for guidance in these matters.  In addition, funds from the Beyond the Walls Serve-a-thon will be used to implement these measures.  Your participation is greatly encouraged.  Everyone doing a little, will make a big difference.

What is Discover MCA?

On March 5th, we will host an event I am praying that God will use mightily to grow our school.  It is our second annual Discover MCA event.  It is a critical event in the life of our school. We focus all of our marketing efforts in January and February to stimulate interest in MCA. The intent is to get them to come to Discover MCA.

This evening starts with the doors opening at the MCA gym at 6:00. Every leader, faculty and staff member is in attendance. Tables are spread around the gym tastefully decorated with symbols that represent subjects that are taught and the personality of the teachers. Food and snacks are provided and current MCA students and parents lovingly welcome all prospective families into the experience. Guests are given a half hour to visit and explore in the gym. At 6:30, I begin a series of brief chats with the crowd followed by principals of the schools. The intent is to excite the interest of parents with what MCA offers and encourage them to partner with MCA in the education of their children. At approximately 6:55,I will announce that the classrooms are open at both campuses and encourages people to wander into any classroom they desire to see the layout and again engage with teachers and students. This is a splendid first impression for any prospective family. Reach out to your Christian friends and invite them to come. This year we will have a drawing for a free year’s tuition for 2013-14 to be given to one new student who attends that evening.