MCA 4th Graders Getting Involved!


What do most of us do with are days off of school?  Sleep in, hang out with friends, no much productive right?…well not these girls from MCA!  Check out the article below and see what some MCA 4th graders did on their day off in October.

Gala at the Lake – God’s Work

Through the Gala at the Lake, we experienced God’s formula for accomplishing his sovereign will.  He knew beforehand what he was going to accomplish for the his ministry at MCA.  He could have chosen to accomplish those ends supernaturally or through other means.  But he chose to work through a few hundred people to bless his ministry and in return receive blessings.

Who were those people?  We could start with Jen Classen and her team of committed, hardworking volunteers who planned, organized, and delivered on a vision for the evening.  This meant contacting dozens of people for donations and service.  It meant using their talents to set up and run the evening.  All done in a spirit of humility and service.  Then we could consider all of those who chose to attend and bring others with them.  Without God working through these people to invite others and then participate in the evening, the evening would not have been the success it could have been.  Finally, our MC and auctioneer created a fun evening and atmosphere that kept everyone smiling and engaged.

And what ends did our Lord have in mind?

  • Start with $17,200 being raised in cash to provide 3 important improvements in our school: a new awning that will cover the doors on the east of the gym where North Campus students are picked up at the end of the day; provide curtains for the stage in our gym for which all our drama productions will be grateful; and provide some key books for our library.
  • Then we can praise God for $31,000 that was raised to provide assistance for families to send their children to MCA.
  • We can be thankful that a current MCA family was blessed by winning the raffle drawing for $4000 tuition grant, and it was a very timely gift for them.
  • We can celebrate that many local businesses heard about MCA and God moved in their heart to donate to the support of the ministry.
  • We can see how young people got to practice the art of giving to help others through their work in creating donations for the auction.

The Gala was a wonderful blessing for the school.  Not everything worked just like we wanted it, but isn’t that also how God works.  He reminds us that only he is perfect and that he will accomplish our goals anyway.  We must just be obedient and diligent to know and serve him.  He accomplishes the results.

Football – The Plan

I am trying to follow a pattern of questioning everything.   When I experience something for the first time in my new position, I am asking if what we are doing as a school is the best we can do and should we continue doing it.  We just finished the fall sports’ campaign, and as a Secondary leadership team we visited about the state of our school and how sports are helping us achieve our Mission and Vision.

In that discussion, we had to weigh a lot of important issues.  The result of that deliberation led us to believe that we needed to consider discontinuing football.  We presented that recommendation to our football parents on October 30th.  We listened that evening to other points of view and the enthusiasm of those involved in football.  After a week of further deliberations, the leadership team went back to the parents and shared that we will go forward with football but we must work together to solve some challenges.

I am delighted that our parents want to be so engaged in making football a success.  If the Lord blesses our plans so that we see the school grow in numbers, young men use football to learn life skills, and we attract athletes that will contribute to our football program, we will have much to celebrate.  Part of our deliberations included the realization that we are down in numbers of male athletes for fall sports.  We want all of our sports to succeed, so any plan we have to re-start football has a similar commitment to raise our investment in soccer and maintain our success in cross-country.  I will talk about soccer and cross-country in another post, but hear me clearly, we are committed to quality and excellence, and we will be challenging parents and kids to help us do that.

This post is to inform you about an important decision we have made in the life of our school.  In addition, I want you to be aware of some needs we have to make our fall sports as successful as they can be.  One of the key topics to the evening when I discussed our plans to “re-start” football was the necessity of being creative.  I presented the challenges as best we can understand them, and now I am asking the whole school body to consider creative ways of solving them.

Hearing are a couple of the key challenges:

  1. We need students.  The best way to encourage families to consider MCA is word of mouth.  If your kids are participating in sports, you are probably around other parents who have similar interest.  Be bold.  Talk to them about joining your family at MCA.  When we add students we add athletes.  Note: this applies to all ages.  We need young people interested in participating in sports in the elementary and junior high so that we train and equip for success in high school.
  2. We need a sports field to play home games.  Home games on school grounds builds more excitement and interest.  So we have two specific challenges:
    1. Watering the field: the city says it will cost us about $12,000 to hook a meter onto the city system.  We have bids that indicate it will cost us another $10-12,000 to do the plumbing work to hook to our sprinkler system.
    2. Wear and Tear: if we could have an open field nearby to practice football, we would have a better chance of keeping the field in shape to host home soccer and football games.
  3. Sports’ Enthusiasm: I believe that God could use our extra-curricular activities to do what our marketing dollars would struggle ever to accomplish to the same level: cause people to say, “I want to be a part of that school”.  Could we all rally around all of our sports?  What would that look like?
    1. Sports’ teams are of such quality and enthusiasm that kids are doing whatever they can to be a part.   We have kids choosing to play club sports instead of our school sports.  When we are short in numbers, that really hurts us.
    2. We have the best “traveling” team in the area.  As a MCA Family, could we “show up” in real numbers and voice at our activities in such a way that other teams and participants say, “Wow!”?
    3. If we put those two components together and build a tradition, I think the world around us looks at us differently.  They will notice.

All of our plans, efforts and decisions must be bathed in prayer, so I hope you will be faithful in petitioning God to grant wisdom and resources to accomplish what he desires for MCA.  If you have thoughts for how we can do fall sports better, shoot Dave Keener a note.  We welcome ideas.

Shotguns, Prayer and an Open Fire Breakfast

Doesn’t that sound like an inviting way to start a Saturday?  Apparently 38 men and young people thought so.  On November 3rd, we all gathered at the home of Cary and Tracey Shiner on a chilly morning to enjoy pancakes, sausage(including venison sausage), bacon, and eggs all cooked over an open fire.  Then the highlight of the morning was dividing up into small groups and walking through woods on the Shiner’s property and pray for our nation, our school, our families and ourselves.  As I walked through the woods and prayed, I was refreshed in my spirit to hear others praising, petitioning, thanking and calling upon our God.  I was reminded that I too often find reasons not to take extended amounts of time to be in front of the throne of grace.  I need to invest time in being quiet in front of my God listening.  I find vitality and energy from being reminded of his promises.  I am overwhelmed with hope and love as I concentrate on his character and attributes.  I would encourage you to make time to pray.  God will meet you there.  He promises to hear his children.

From the peace of prayer to the boom of shotguns, we traversed into the open field.  I thought we were preparing for Armageddon when I saw all of the shotguns laid out on the table.  After taking a few moments to review safety for everyone, we watched as clay pigeons flew through the air, and old and young alike tried to blast them out of the air.  For all of you that have a soft heart for those dear clay pigeons, you will find solace in knowing that many flew through the air unharmed to land gently in the field.  For you that are more competitive, know that there was some real talent on display on the range.

Thank you to Scott Pinter and the Shiners for pulling this together and blessing our school family.  This is a great example of pulling people together in unity and building relationships.