MCA Wins 2A All-Sport Award

Maranatha Academy is the Class 2A All-Sports Award winner for the 2011-12 school year. This is the first All-Sports Award Maranatha Academy has won. It finished in the top five in the first two years of the award’s existence in 2008 and 2009, but was never able to crack the top five again until this year.

The Eagles scored 24 points to take the title. Its girls’ track and cross country teams both won state titles, its boys track team took fourth at state and its boys’ tennis team took sixth place at the state meet in May.  See the full article.

Summer Update

As this is my first summer hanging around a high school, everything is new.  I mean, how do you dress when there are no students around and only a few other people?  Can I crank up the music in my office since the office area has so few people around?  Can I skip down the halls since the likelihood of someone seeing me is small?  These are critical questions that I am having to sort out on my own.  Just kidding…well some!

There is some serious stuff going on in the summer months:  I conducted a week-long Country Bible & Basketball Camp with 26 girls.  We had a very productive time both in terms of basketball and studying God’s Word.  We had some other fun as well.  Just ask the girls about the country water slide.  I know there have been other successful camps and open gyms plus there are some dedicated young men lifting weights and many athletes doing conditioning and running.

If you haven’t heard MCA won the All-Sports Award for Class 2A from  We have been in the top 5 a couple of times before, but this is our first win.  The award is based on our performance in State Championship events.  With our Girls Cross Country and also Track Championship wins along with the Boys Cross Country 4th place finish, and our tennis teams chipping in 3 points for their State Championship performances.

Our focus in the office is still on getting the word out about MCA and attracting new families to our school as well as encouraging current families to return.  One of the most important aspects of spreading the word is our website.  We continue to invest time and money in making it as effective as possible. It is always hard to tell where we will end up as many people postpone the decision until the last moment, so I ask you to continue praying and sharing MCA with others.  We continue to get inquiries and in fact a new 11th grade girl just enrolled yesterday.

I am doing project work and planning for the coming year.  I am coordinating work on strengthening our communications and marketing as well as doing some planning for what areas of the school performance we want to raise a level.  My thoughts at this point are centered around 3 words that came to me when I was contemplating this issue on a hike in Alaska: Accountability, Professionalism and Success.  I will share more on these in a later post, but whatever the words will be, my intent is evaluate all that we do through these lens and make a concentrated effort by all to improve in these areas.

I hope you are having a wonderful summer as a family.  Stay cool!  So do I dare sing out loud in my office or the hallways during the summer months?